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Hb Electrophoresis Test (Thalassemia screening)

Hb Electrophoresis Test (Thalassemia screening)

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There are different types of hemoglobin in present in the human body. Out of these the hemoglobin A, is present in healthy individuals and hemoglobin F is present in fetuses and newborns. After birth the hemoglobin F gets converted to type A. When an individual has low levels of hemoglobin A and other types of hemoglobin are present it may be suggestive of hemoglobin related abnormalities. The hemoglobin electrophoresis is conducted to identify types of hemoglobin and related abnormalities such as Sickle Cell Anemia, Thalassemia etc

This is a very simple test and requires no prior preparation. This test requires a small amount of blood that is collected from your arms through a venipuncture. A healthcare provider will tie your arm with an elastic band that allows blood to accumulate in one of the veins that gets swelled up. A needle is then used to draw out the required amount of blood. The punctured area is then covered with a cotton pad. The collected sample is then tested under laboratory conditions.