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Crysta Platinum Comprehensive Package with NIPT

Crysta Platinum Comprehensive Package with NIPT

Rs. 54,740.00 Rs. 62,951.00

The Crysta Platinum Package for all couples who are planning a baby and are looking for a smooth pregnancy journey. From before conception till you deliver your baby, this package contains all tests to ensure the health of the mother and growth and development of the baby. It also includes the NIPS Test (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test) which screens for common chromosomal anomalies in the baby. Post-delivery there is a New Born Screening test for your baby which helps to detect common metabolic genetic diseases which may be present.

  • Pre-Pregnancy Panel GOLD
  • First Trimester Package (Natural Conception) GOLD
  • Second Trimester Package GOLD
  • Third Trimester Package GOLD